Endless possibilities, swimming in Eternity
Dancing Shadows of Light, show to me
True colour, of a radiance Infinite
Perception and choice, the keys to Thy Heart
Union I will, forever now
Eternally to be, as none with Thee

Among the prolific writings of Aleister Crowley, there appears in chapter 82 of his Autohagiography ‘Confessions’, record of an experience he refers to as The ‘Star Sponge’ Vision. Crowley reveals the Vision began as the result of a Meditation while on Magickal Retirement at Lake Pasquaney, New Hampshire, in the year 1916. In his recollection he states, “I lost consciousness of everything but a universal space in which were innumerable bright points, and I realised this as a physical representation of the universe, in what I may call its essential structure. I exclaimed, “Nothingness with twinkles’… I thereupon completed my sentence with the exclamation, ‘but what twinkles!” Crowley then discusses his realisation of the interconnectedness of every star with every thought, or in other words, the interconnectedness of each unit or point of consciousness and its co-dependence upon every other. He became conscious of the fact that “the structure of the universe was highly organized, that certain stars were of greater magnitude and brilliancy than the rest.” (This, of course, is not to say that All Stars do not have Equal Rights!)

Years later, with images from the Hubble Telescope at our disposal, ‘Star Sponge’, and “Nothingness with twinkles”, stand as incontrovertibly accurate characterisations of the various regions of Deep Space captured in the breathtaking imagery beamed back from this eye in the sky. Exemplified in the context of Crowley’s commentary, which specifically recounts the structure of the Universe and is suggestive of the expansion and evolution from one particular Point, aka The Source, God, or Singularity. Then on to a Stellar Nursery where the first stars of “greater magnitude and brilliancy than the rest” are born – the Qabalist’s Chokmah or the Gates of Heaven. Branching out to the galaxies and stars as we know them, followed by the wondrous complexity and diversity we witness today through our particular human lens here on Earth – Malkuth.

Hubble images of The Carina Nebula and V838 Monocerotis. Photos courtesy NASA

Determinately, Crowley died in 1947 aged 72, while the Hubble Telescope wasn’t launched until 1990. Nevertheless, The Great Beast appears to have witnessed both the structure and form of Deep Space and the Universe, a feat our consensus comprehension of consciousness informs us is not possible. Knowledge of the structure of the Universe is one thing for a student of the qabalah (in itself an enigma), delineation of the form of Outer Space is a very impressive feat indeed. From this perspective, with the markedly descriptive ‘Star Sponge’ in mind, a reasonably objective validation of the Visionary Experience, including various testimonies and experiences of both past and present Shamans, Priests, Psychonauts and Practitioners of Magick, is apparent. The occult maxim as above, so below resounds.

I purchased the ‘Hag’ on the 31st of July 2003, and it was around the 22nd of September that I first read his account of The ‘Star Sponge’ Vision. Dovetailing Crowley’s peculiarly casual treatment of this vision, which he felt “almost justified in calling it the radix of my whole philosophical outlook”. Adding cryptically, “It would be quite impracticable to go fully into the subject of this vision of the Star-Sponge”. It is from this intersection that I would like to discuss the most profound experience of my own life. On the 25th of April 2003, at Black Rock (postcode 3193 for those playing at home), near the suburb of Sandringham, Victoria, I Crossed The Abyss. More commonly referred to as Union with God, or perhaps, Return to The Source. In an effort to maintain a scientific approach, while also averting the many uninspiring connotations the word ‘God’ has attracted through overuse and outright abuse, along with the fact we’re discussing the genuinely un-nameable, I prefer the terms, ‘Crossed The Abyss’, ‘Singularity’, ‘Kether’ or ‘Return to The Source.’ For what name doth it matter one assigns the un-nameable? Preferably not one as tainted by human hands as ‘God’ IMAO.

After eating a relatively modest dose of Psilocybes (eight each I think), four of us sat down on the rocky sand cliffs overlooking Port Phillip Bay and the shipwrecked HMVS Cerberus in anticipation of the effects. One of the first things noticed by three of us who were all facing north was a sizeable green meteor burning up on its descent toward Earth. Heading west and most likely north of the City of Melbourne. This was observed very early on, almost instantly upon our consuming the Sacrament and before the effects of the shrooms ‘should’ have been felt. As the night progressed, and the waves of psilocybin swept over us, I began to have the very distinct impression that all my thoughts were floating around me for anyone present to pick up and scrutinise. With the intensity of this uncomfortable experience increasing, I eventually had no choice but to find acceptance in this naked and vulnerable space, later realising this was literally the disintegration of my ego or personality. Soon after, the magickal precept I’d learned only months before, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, began to revolve over and over again in my mind. The formula seemed then as it does now, to be a perfect symphony of operations for all aspects, constructs and forms of consciousness whatsoever.

Following this stage in proceedings, the points of light that are the stars showered down radiant gaseous clouds of blues and whites to Earth. Intimating, our perception of a comprehensive blackness to the night sky, was but a veil upon which were fabricated infinitesimal pin pricks. Now, the light encapsulating the entirety of existence was pouring through. Kether is in Malkuth, and Malkuth is in Kether, but after another manner. Above The Abyss, contradiction is Unity and paradox your friend. The vision began with my eyes wide open. “Hey, can you guys see the stars?”, “Yeaahhh”. Of course they could see the stars! I quickly ascertained this panorama was not one shared by my companions. Much the same as Crowley’s account, the “vision developed gradually”. Eventually, fascination with this preeminent command became so overwhelming, I laid back in surrender. The vision arresting, continuing, intensifying. At this juncture, I’m reminded of the notion of light speed expedition (nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, i.e. No-thing, No man, Nemo) in the Star Wars franchise. With one essential difference. This construct was patently organic and not composed of the many darting straight lines used to translate this concept in the films. Instead, the complexity of the many starry night sky smoothly and progressively evolved into majestic formations of gas giants. Analogous to the busy and scattered foliage of a tree, and how, tracing the branches to the trunk, there is a distinct increase in size yet decrease in complexity. These blue and white clouds mirrored this ‘Tree of Life’ pattern all the way back to The Source. Appropriately, a description of Crowley’s ‘Star Sponge’ Vision also occurs in his commentary on Liber AL’s, ch. I, v. 59. My incense is of resinous woods & gums; and there is no blood therein: because of my hair the trees of Eternity.

Communion Good Copy

With images from the Hubble Telescope capturing billion-year-old pictures of the Universe, it’s common knowledge when we gaze to the stars of the night sky we are essentially looking back in time – The Source. I took note soon after my encounter when I heard that in space, blue stars are hotter than red stars, evidently the birthplace of the Universe would also be the hottest part thereof. Another point of potential interest, the form of these trees of Eternity is not unlike scientific models of the structure of dark energy throughout the Universe. These facts stand as refreshing affirmations that scientific observation compliments this Age Old Gnosis.

The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion. Aleister Crowley

Passing The Veil of The Abyss and Stellar Nursery known by Qabalists as the Sphere of Chokmah, the culmination of the experience was One Star In Sight – Union with The Source, Kether. Here, you have no body, abiding instead, pure awareness of a vast black Nothingness and One Single Star, the loneliness of the First. When the many become One, the One becomes None – Nemo, as there is now no other point by which to refer. On the surface, this climax spells a pronounced divergence to Crowley’s record of his ‘Star Sponge’ Vision. Yet upon closer inspection, it seems he instead chose to deliberately omit this point. Ultimately, deeming it, “impracticable to go fully into the subject”. Perhaps saving the details for future reference, tongue in cheek Crowley writes:

While at Montauk, I had put my sleeping bag to dry in the sun. When I went to take it in, I remarked, laughingly, “Your bedtime, Master Bag,” as if it were a small boy and I it’s nurse. This was entirely frivolous; but the thought flashed into my mind that after all the bag was in one sense a part of myself. The two ideas came together with a snap, and I understood the machinery of a man’s delusion that he is a teapot.

Furthermore, in The Law is for All we read:

Hadit is the “core of every star”, verse 6. He is thus the Impersonal Identity within the individuality of “every man and every woman”. He is “not extended”; that is, without condition of any sort in the metaphysical sense. Only in the highest trances can the nature of these truths be realised. It is indeed a supra-rational experience not dissimilar to those characteristic of the “Star Sponge” Vision…

When ‘I’ ‘returned’ it was now the early hours of morning, still dark and probably four to six hours since our Sacrament. Realising what just occurred, I got up and walked a couple meters away from the group. Facing the Bay, tears streamed down my face. It didn’t take too long to grasp the fact this is what Crowley spoke of as Crossing The Abyss or what Buddha referred to as Enlightenment. The gas giants of the Stellar Nursery being the Gates of Heaven, the Archangels themselves. Instantly the meaning of myriad references from spiritual literature were clear. The final secret of the Illuminati (sorry conspiracy theorists, we’re taking back the brand-name) is that you don’t know you’re a member until it’s too late to get out! Welcome to Crowley’s Club, the Argentum Astrum – A∴A∴, Order of the Silver Star, The Great White Brotherhood. Since learning of The ‘Star Sponge’ Vision, I am left with no doubt this is the same vision I received at Black Rock. This fact, along with the vision’s resonance with other spiritual teachings, verifies the objective reality of the experience, at least subjectively…

An hour or two later we’d collected our belongings and commenced our walk along the sand cliffs, rocks and beach back to our cars. When the four of us were startled by an all-encompassing bright orange-golden flash. Unlike a flash off in the distance or one you might see through a window, it was a flash with no detectable origin that ignited our entire field of vision. Later that year, on the 17th of October, I purchased a copy of Crowley’s The Heart of the Master. I was astounded to discover several references illustrating The Great Beast was privy (at least on some level) to the events of that evening in April 2003. Undoubtedly the best proof of this would be to read the book yourself with the above in mind and draw your own conclusions. For the sake of convenience and communicating my interpretations, below are some highlights with italics added. The first chapter, The Vision, features the subtitle Penumbra, introducing the location and setting the scene. Following a couple of opening paragraphs we have this direct reference:

Behind me—strange!—the gloom is less obscure than in the East to which the eyes yearn feebly. Do I feel it by instinct—the form of a vast pyramidal hill of stark black rock? I am too weary to turn my head to look.

Half Moon Bay – Black Rock, Victoria


The next section, Vox, reads:

The captain cries: “Behold, the Star in the West!” Instant on that comes silence. But among us the sudden stirring warns me that not all were sleeping; that there were watchers like myself, men more intent than I.

I hear a murmur on my left. I catch three words: “The Zero Hour.” They call me back to myself: I know now that I am one of a great army—an army baffled and broken, but yet in being.

Just as there were three others (my brother, his friend, and my then girlfriend – Virginia Conti) present at Black Rock that night, so there are two separate series of quotes from three characters. The first sequence occurs under the subtitle Vox while the second set appears in the fourth segment, Phantasma. The remarks accurately reflect the attitudes of those present:

Again the solemn stillness. Few were they who had heard the voice of the young captain: for the sleep of all but the youngest and strongest was the sleep of death. Even of these the fate was ill indeed; for their minds had been distraught by the bitterness of their hearts. So, when they noted the Voice, they mocked. I heard:

“A Star in the West. What folly!”
“That is no voice of any leader of ours.”
“Star in the West? Beware: that is the Star called Wormwood.”

The second series, belonging to Phantasma, are as follows:

“For Christ’s sake,” screams an emasculate rag of flesh, “don’t look at that damned Star!”

“We’re lost,” another squeals.

“The Beast!” yells a third: maniac.

Moving on, we have this excerpt under the sixth subtitle Homo:

Lo! from his eyes flow tears of mingled sorrow and joy, of joy that burns up sorrow, and with these tears he smites the barren rock beneath his feet. It melts like wax at the touch; roses spring up and twine about his limbs.

I was kneeling on a large rock when I turned from the group and tears flowed from my eyes.

The bush marks the spot – Black Rock, Victoria

The following verse, also quoted from the subheading Homo stands out in relation to the flash witnessed by at least the four of us:

The Word of the law is Θελημα.

Then is all Heaven aflame with a great blast of trumpets; and the world is alight with one flash, that sundereth every spirit that liveth, branding this Sign upon them:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Finally, closing off the first chapter, The Voice of the Vulture declares these (perhaps explanatory) lines:

With that I cease to be myself at all: I am absorbed into His adorable essence, and my life is equally shed throughout the endless Aeons of Creation.

Ay!—there is nothing separate any more at all; wherefore the Vision faileth, the Seer being one with the Seen.

The Heart of the Master is by no means a voluminous work. Divided into three chapters, The Vision, The Voice, and The Temple of Truth, the edition I bought is only 40 pages in length. The above albeit brief passages are each taken from the first chapter, The Vision. Forming, in my opinion, a substantial enough proportion of the narrative to denote accordance with the events at Black Rock in 2003. Also worth our attention are several correlations between the Communion piece and the proceeding quotes from fifth subheading, Lux, again, from the first chapter. A number of years passing since visiting the contents, the below details held no conscious participation in the execution of the piece:

The apex of the colossal Pyramid is crowned by a stern silent figure, cut in sharp silhouette against the Orb of the Sun. I cried aloud: Hail unto Thee, O Star that art the Sun, Star that mountest the Height of the Heavens!

But my heart answered me, mysteriously, yet so that it availed me to understand it; “He riseth not nor sets! He goeth shining on His way, and before Him the Earth reeleth in the rhythm of her Bacchanal dance!”

Then I knew also this: all these poor dead men that lay about me had been slain by their own fear, their fault of faith in deeming that the Sun – or any Star – could die.

And now I, who had only felt the fear of that figure, feel the fascination.

I understand that He – whoever, whatever He may be – is He for whom we all so long had waited.

As I fix my eyes upon it, I become aware that its blackness against the light of the Star is only relative; and as I gain confidence in my sight, that darkness goes. The figure is a prism of pure crystal – it is the distortion and interference with the Light it transmits which caused those phantoms of terror to dance their Witches’ Sabbath on the moving miasma.

And now I am drawn swiftly up by some invisible force; sucked by some vortex towards the Hill. And now I face Him, as He stands above me.

As Lux concludes, we return to the sixth subheading Homo:

…In the midst of his brows is a black diamond in a circlet of ruby and emerald, set in pure mother-of-pearl, so that it seems the eye of some unknown, some unknowable God. This eye has no lid.

Despite the fact ‘Enlightenment’ is the goal of Spiritual Traditions worldwide, the next logical question is, “So what? So you returned to The Source, so you saw ‘God’, so what?” Well, as no man may look upon His Face and live, the real Point of Seeing the Point is what comes next. Integrating an engagement such as this in a healthy way in modern suburbia is certainly not without its challenges. Fortunately, there have been some prodigious rewards.

After being “hurled across” The Abyss, the zone between the Archetypal and Manifest, the Real and Unreal, the Known and Unknown, one enters the Sphere of Binah on the Tree of Life. Binah corresponds to the Magickal Grade, Master of the Temple, whose oath is:

I swear to interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my soul.


He called it a Stage-Consecrating Festival, and its effects were intended to exert their influence upon the Drama of Life itself.
Frater Achad on Wagner’s Opera Parzival, from The Chalice of Ecstasy


Parzival: What is the Grail?

Gurnemanz: I may not say:
But if to serve it thou be bidden,
Knowledge of it will not be hidden.

And Lo! Methinks I know thee now indeed;
No earthly road to it doth lead,
By no one can it be detected
Who by itself is not elected.

Parzival: I scarcely move,
Yet swiftly seem to run.

Gurnemanz: My son, thou seest
Here SPACE and TIME are ONE.


All stories are true, every last one of them. All myths, all legends, all fables. If you believe them true, then they are true. If you don’t believe them, then all that can be said is that they are true for someone else. Cerebus, Dave Sim.

Birthplace of the Red Carpet Premiere – Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre

Birthplace of the Red Carpet Premiere – Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre


The Superheru


Apologies to the intelligentsia amongst you for invoking Hollywood, however, these synchronicities have proven too loud to ignore. As sensitive, awkward, and at times embarrassing as the below details are, it is nevertheless a phenomenon that deserves reporting. Profit driven punch lines, PG 13 focused content and popular gloss aside, the following observations facilitate a chronology, narrative and level of context that is unattainable without reference to an extensive list of reading material. As many of you will have already seen these films, we’re about to hit fast-forward and hopefully reach the same page.

*Warning, things are about to get a whole lot weirder. And there are spoilers.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

To begin with, a brief regression to June 1997, when the first of seven Harry Potter novels was ushered into an unsuspecting world. Soon to be sporting dreadlocks but not yet a student of Magick proper, one might say I was, a hairy pothead. Just under eight months after publication of the book I commenced a long-term relationship with a girl (younger than me) by the name of Gin (Ma’at v 1.0). Before the relationship between Harry and the younger Ginny Weasley was published. When contrasted with both Harry’s and my own (middle-class suburban) real world living arrangements, there are substantial similarities between the fictional Ginny Weasley’s family and Gin’s real world (larger than my own, ‘working-class’) family. For instance, both Gin’s have four siblings. Gin or Ma’at has one older sister, two older brothers who are about as close to twins as you could get without being born on the same day, plus one younger brother. And although I never saw one fly, Gin’s dad did spend his time fixing cars.

As time went by I was frequently ostracised and kicked out of home by my (muggle) family for being a student of Love and Magick. Much the same as the difficulties related to the integration of the above experience, the pathway thereto was also not without its challenges, both for my loved ones and for myself; Love you very much Mum and Dad. I am truly blessed to have such an incredible family! Besides, who would want their son dating The Mother of Abominations? In the coming years, I spent much of my time practicing meditation and ceremonial magick or buried in one or another magickal tome I’d likely received from an antiquarian dealer in the post. Before long, I would even come to receive letters from a Magickal Order in the U.K.

Oldskool – Bedroom, Temple, Studio, Study


Also of note, Harry started at Hogwarts aged 11 – the number of Magick. As a very young boy, I had recurring dreams visiting witches stirring brews in a cauldron inside a castle at the end of a long and winding cliff top road – all very Hogwarts-horror show. Possibly receiving instruction on the astral, just as the 9 in Platform 9 ¾ suggests. Yesod, the ninth sephira on the Tree of Life corresponding to the moon and the astral plane, the ¾ to that which is in-between mind and matter, i.e. the astral. A further unintentional connection to the Potter Universe is the fact my ‘heartbeat’ or ‘lightning bolt’ signature resembles Harry’s forehead scar.

The Matrix Trilogy

The first Matrix film was unleashed in Australia on a Thelemic Holy Day, the 8th of April 1999. The 95th Anniversary of the reception of Liber AL and just over a year since Ma’at v 1.0 and I started going out. Four years later and less than one month since my Crossing The Abyss, May 16th, 2003, saw Neo return to The Source in The Matrix Reloaded. Punctually followed by The Matrix Revolutions on the 5th of November. Neo soon finds he has much more work to do than casually returning to The Source. As we see him venture to the Machine City in Revolutions where he must ‘let go’ (feminine, flow, heart, goddess, infinite, intuition, cycles) to defeat Smith. An extension of himself (masculine, ego, mind, straight lines, limitations and constructs) i.e. Horus vs. Set.

Neo’s perception of the interconnectedness of phenomena in (green) code form is a fitting metaphor for the unveiling of universal relationships as interpreted by Qabalists. And in The Matrix Reloaded he even does “this Superman thing”, creating a hurricane in the clouds. Given the conditions of success in this work, it’s also pertinent in order to get the Key, Neo must first kiss Persephone in front of Trinity:

“If you want the Keymaker, follow me.”– Persephone

“I’ll give you what you want, but you have to give me something.” – Persephone

“What?” – Neo

“A kiss.” – Persephone

“Excuse me?” – Trinity

“I want you to kiss me, as if you were kissing her.” – Persephone

“Why?” – Neo

“You love her. She loves you. It’s all over you both. A long time ago, I knew what that felt like. I want to remember it. I want to sample it. That’s all. Just a sample.” – Persephone

After my prompting Ma’at v 1.0 sometime in 2002 that I believed she would benefit from having some friend-girls in her life (read benevolence and the way of the heart), we soon witnessed the mysterious entrance of two new friends in time for the second and third Matrix films, i.e. Neo’s partner Trinity – 31. All observers are in agreeance the two are practically sisters. Having studied the writings of Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley, and various other works of De Arte Magica, I also recognised the three girls resonated with Grant’s observations on the threefold facets of the Goddess – Nu, Isis and Babalon. As discussed in The Going Forth By Day Commentary, following my Pilgrimage to Egypt, I came to realise in this case that Ma’at, Nephthys and Isis are more telling correspondences. Gin’s two new friends being representatives of the sister Goddesses Nephthys (Natalie) and Isis (Vanessa). Nephthys is often referred to as a friend and nurse of the dead and/or Horus the child while Isis is typified as mother and nature goddess. No coincidence I’m sure that Gin met Natalie at the local doctor’s surgery when she joined her behind the desk as a receptionist. The four of us spent several years together in pursuit of The Great Work.

Becoming evident via telling of this saga, it’s also commensurate that upon returning to The Source and meeting The Architect in The Matrix Reloaded, Neo finds himself confronted with a heartrending choice between Trinity and the All. Soon after which we see him end up at Mobil Station in Revolutions, i.e. MOBIL Station, an anagram for LIMBO – between worlds. The below remarks during the ‘jump program’ in the first Matrix film are reflective of Horus standing on the threshold/precipice in The Lover image; that is between worlds:

“You have to let it all go Neo. Fear, doubt… disbelief. Free your mind.” – Morpheus

“No one’s ever made it on the first jump.” – Tank

“Everybody falls the first time, right Trin?” – Cypher

Now, therefore, I am known to ye by my name Nuit, and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me. Since I am Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars thereof, do ye also thus. Bind nothing! Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt. Liber AL ch. I, v.22


X-Men 2 is released in Australia on the 30th of April 2003, just five days after Crossing The Abyss. Featuring Hurricanes, covering futant politics and the acquisition of siddhis, now known as magickal or superpowers, this film is a must see for all activators of future circuits – futants. “Hey mum, have you read Dreamtime Nus yet?” I’ve participated in several virtual re-enactments of the scene when Iceman (Iceton) aka Bobby, returns home to share the exploit that he (metaphorically) has superpowers with his family. Iceman’s Mum asks him, “Have you tried not being a mutant?”

Finding Nemo

Those familiar with The Vision and the Voice by Aleister Crowley, in particular, the 13th Aethyr ZIM, may find it interesting that on the 28th of August, just four months after Crossing The Abyss, when my name was Nemo – i.e. No Man, Finding Nemo swam onto screens. The clownfish Nemo and his father Marlin, natives of the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland Australia, are separated at the beginning of the film. With Nemo ending up in Sydney, the closest capital city to where I was born. Beyond an affinity the name Nemo presents with my story at this time is the qualification I have a half sleeve of clowns (clownfish) tattooed (see Dreamtime Nus). Occultists know that the clown, harlequin or fool, plays a prominent role in the Western Mystery Tradition – think Parzival, the pure fool of the Graal Romance. Also noteworthy are the similarities between the names Nemo (Omen), Neo (One), and Omné – receiver of the Double Current according to Soror Nema. Mention must also be made to Nemo making a synchronous return to theatres, this time in 3D while producing v 3.0.

And he said: Bethink thee that NEMO hath beheld the face of my Father. In Him is only Peace.

And I said: Are all gardens like unto this garden?

And he waved his hand, and in the Aire across the valley appeared an island of coral, rosy, with green palms and fruit trees, in the midst of the bluest of the seas.

The Vision and the Voice – 13th Aethyr ZIM, Aleister Crowley


“Condemned to death by his peers for rebellion, Horus from Hierakonopolis, the God of Heavens has seven days to seed the Earth of mankind once more; the Earth He helped create. Seven days, the time for one beat of the Divine Heart, not a second more, before being deprived of his Immortality. But even the Gods fear death.”

“Children, my human children, I’m back.” – Horus

Just weeks after finalising arrangement of The Lover canvas, French movie Immortal premieres on the 13th of March 2004 in Belgium, followed by its release on DVD in the U.S. a year later on the 21st June. I hadn’t even heard of Immortal until after producing The Lover when Ma’at v 1.0 advised she’d hired it from the local video store. Compounding the high strangeness in The Going Forth By Day Commentary, the story takes place in a future New York City (Rose’ hometown) populated by gods, mutants, extraterrestrials and humans. Resonating The Amalantrah Working, Central Park, the location of the workings, is declared an ‘intrusion zone’ in the film.

Also featured, the hour-glass or double cone motif, a pyramid hovering over Manhattan (representative of our Pilgrimage to Egypt), a mysterious woman with blue hair (Maat – as illustrated in The Lover), blue tears and powers unknown to her. Along with Horus and Jill/Maat spending time in a NYC hotel room (mirroring my reunion with Rose in New York). While Horus’ quest to find a suitable human host to secure Immortality sees him reject seven candidates before finding a compatible vessel. A man who’s been frozen for 30 years. Aleister Crowley died in 1947, and I was born in 1982. 35 and not 30 years difference I know. Still, in light of certain details to follow, the approximation is worth keeping in mind.

Batman Begins

On the 16th of June 2005, Chris Nolan’s reimagining of the Batman origin story sees Bruce Wayne head to the East where he undergoes the training that leads to the creation of his alter-ego Batman. Part of which includes intoxication via a blue hallucinogenic flower. A rather brilliant glyph for the fruits in our Magickal Garden, blue psilocybin-containing mushrooms, and those other flowers in the Garden of the Aethyr ZIM. Back in Gotham Bruce arrives at a party with two women, at the time reminding me of my new relationship with Nephthys v 1.0, i.e. Ma’at and Nephthys.

Fantastic 4

Launched on the 7th of July 2005. Succeeding scientist Reed Richards’ assertion evolution could be accelerated by exposure to cosmic radiation, four astronauts board a space-station and rendezvous with a cloud of cosmic energy; thereby gaining superpowers. As in The Matrix, the numbers 13 and 31 are prevalent in the Fantastic 4, i.e. Invisible Woman, Mr Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing – 1 x Female, 3 x Male heroes.

V for Vendetta

The Wachowski brothers return to Australian cinemas on the 30th of March 2006, to bring Alan Moore’s graphic novel, V for Vendetta, to the big screen. Originally scheduled for release on the 5th of November 2005 – Guy Fawkes Day, the film was postponed worldwide due to the 7/7 London Bombings. Much has been written elsewhere regarding the many ‘psychic leaks’ in various artworks prior to September 11, depicting that event in startling clarity. Where possible ‘leaks’ of this kind are generally redone, reshot, or censored from the original. If, however, a leak is integral to the plot, as is the case in V for Vendetta, deliverance of the piece is typically delayed.

Not ten minutes into the movie we see a representation of Maat atop The Old Bailey in the form of Lady Justice. Facilitating a resurgence in what had become a stagnant experiment in the real world, Ma’at v 1.0 asked, “Have I missed something?” After viewing the final Act where V places the outcome of his work and an important decision in the hands of Evey.  Also of interest, the film features the motto of a Master of the Temple, Vi veri veniversum vivus vici – By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.

“God is in the rain.” – Evey

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

When a cure for mutation is created on the 25th of May 2006, lines are drawn, and sides are taken. Escalating into an all-out war between humans and mutants, we see Jean Grey’s resurrection as the powerful Dark Phoenix result in her killing her mentor Xavier. Finding more in common with the villain Magneto’s Brotherhood than the X-Men. Meanwhile, Iceman (Iceton) still struggles to touch his girlfriend Rogue, aka Marie (Marie is Isis v 1.0′s middle name), due to her (ego crushing?) superpowers; pursuing connection with another X-girl – Nephthys v 1.0. In conclusion, Rogue is the only mutant who opts to be ‘cured’.

Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen. Liber AL ch. I, v.46

There is a light before thine eyes, o prophet, a light undesired, most desirable. Liber AL ch. II, v.61

Superman Returns

29th of June 2006 sees Horus the twice-born with arms outstretched in the Sign of the Enterer. Clark Kent returns to Metropolis after a five-year absence (2004-2009 in our chronology) to find Lois Lane has moved on and started a family. Of course, Superman manages to save the day, but not before soaking up some sun/star-light (twice-born). We all know Superman’s weakness is the (green) kryptonite, yet somewhat surprisingly for the romantics in the audience, he doesn’t get the girl! The connotations of these aspects of the story shall be made luminous, momentarily.

Preceding his departure at the end of the film it seems we just can’t escape those archetypes when manifesting our contemporary heroes. As the most super of superheroes evokes strong parallels with the West’s most super of Saviours. Sharing the same spiritually loaded words with his son that were spoken to him by his father, Superman advises: “You will be different. Sometimes you’ll feel like an outcast. But you’ll never be alone. You will make my strength your own. You will see my life through your eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The Son becomes the Father, and the Father becomes the Son.” Superman makes a timely return in ‘Man of Steel’, scheduled for release in Oz on June 27th, 2013.

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Mirroring the circumstances between Ma’at, Isis, Nephthys and myself, on the 21st of June 2007, two members of the Fantastic 4 are taking steps toward marriage. Under the weight of trials and tribulations inherent in being a part-time superhero, Sue Storm confronts Reed Richards about her concerns of not being able to have a ‘normal life’, and raise a family together. Both Ma’at v 1.0 and Isis v 1.0 are married with children to the partners they were with at this time. As a result of my going into overtime with Nephthys v 1.0, a journal entry on the 20th of June confirms I’d lost Isis v 1.0′s trust just a week earlier. In retrospect, it’s clear this era marked the close of my initial opportunity to know Nuit.

Driven ever by a curse:
Countless distresses
Battles and conflicts
Drove me far from the pathway;
Well though I knew it, methought.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Showing 11th of July 2007, Harry is at odds with the world in his hardest year at Hogwarts yet. After using Magick to defend himself from attacking Dementors, Harry is shunned by friends. Facing isolation, expulsion, and a smear campaign conducted on behalf of The Ministry of Magick. Nobody believes Harry and Dumbledore’s claim of the imminent return of He whose name must not be spoken. And a ban at Hogwarts on Practical Magick and Defence Against the Dark Arts paves the way for the Authoritarian rule of the Ministry. In the final battle, we see Harry possessed by Voldemort with whom he has a strangely symbiotic relationship. In the end Harry overcomes, declaring his friends and ability to love make him stronger.

Horton Hears a Who

When Horton Hears a Who, on a speck on a floating flower on the 20th of March 2008, he is quickly ridiculed by Kangaroo. “If you can’t see, hear, or feel something, it doesn’t exist. And believing in tiny imaginary people is just not something we do, or tolerate. Here in the jungle of Nool…Our community has standards Horton. If you want to remain a part of it I recommend you follow them.” Knowing how all this business with the speck will look to their neighbours, even Horton’s friend Morton the Mouse tells him, “I’m really happy you found this spec, and all. But ya might wanna think about keeping it to yourself.”

Meanwhile, down in Whoville the Mayor is met with disbelief and ridicule when he shares his observations of recent irregularities. “Well, it’s, news. I don’t know if we need to go labelling it good or bad or anything like that. The thing is, I have noticed some odd goings on, in Whoville lately.” “Good on goings on?” interjects the Councilman. “Well, you know, tremors, clouds swirling in the sky…”

“Don’t you see? We’re in the middle of some kind of amazing cosmic convergence. Two vastly different worlds, miraculously crossing paths. Mine, colossal! Yours, minuscule. Yet somehow, we’ve managed to make contact. If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing.” – Horton

“It’s snowing, in the summer.” – Dr. Mary Lou Larue

I can imagine what you’re thinking right about now. But then parts of my home State of Victoria had a white Christmas just over a year before in 2006 and it also snowed during the Summer of 2010… That’s snowing, in Australia, in the Summer folks! See Dreamtime Nus for further exploration of these anomalies.

Iron Man

The theme of the wounded hero continues on the 1st of May 2008. With eccentric playboy Tony Stark having life-threatening heart trouble parallel to my own very serious problems of the heart – Nephthys v 1.0. Also of interest, the fractal tattoo on my chest is not unlike his arc reactor (see Dreamtime Nus for a photo). The story sees Stark resolve to stop making weapons and use his genius for more positive pursuits.


On the 3rd of July 2008 down and out superhero Hancock explains: “I apologise to the people of Los Angeles. My behaviour has been improper and I accept the consequences. I ask my fellow Angelenos for their patience and understanding. Life here can be difficult for me. After all, I’m the only one of my kind. During my incarceration I will be participating in alcohol and anger management treatment. You deserve better from me, I can be better, I will be better.”

“What are we?” – Hancock

“Gods, angels, different cultures call us by different names. Now all of a sudden it’s superhero.” – Mary

As the plot unfolds, we discover Hancock isn’t the only one with superpowers and that Mary (Nephthys v 1.0), the wife of Hancock’s PR Campaign Manager is, in fact, concealing her own super-ness. We also learn that the two spending time together becomes problematic, resulting in their powers diminishing. With Nephthys v 1.0 dying her hair blonde the majority of the time we were together, I was provided with yet another direct connection between the world of celluloid (Charlize Theron’s Mary) and manifestation. Also of relevance, the tornado meme presents itself yet again when multiple tornadoes rage in a showdown between Hancock and Mary. See also the conclusion of the film, depicting a love heart on the moon i.e. The Lover image.

The Dark Knight

Released on July 16th, 2008, victories in cleaning up the streets and restoring law and order to Gotham create fear and desperation amongst organised crime networks, paving the way for the anarchistic Joker. A helicopter entrance early in the film sees Bruce Wayne arrive at his penthouse fundraiser for Gotham’s White Knight, Harvey Dent, this time with three women. Bringing to mind Aleister Crowley’s Magickal name Perdurabo, Latin for Endure, i.e. I will endure: for enduring unto The End, at The End was Naught to endure. Themes of chaos, control, incorruptibility and the will to endure in the face of extreme adversity are all focal points in this blockbuster. Ultimately facing a similar predicament to Neo in The Matrix Reloaded, closure sees Bruce lose his love interest Rachel (Nephthys v 1.0). While for the greater good of Gotham City, Batman takes the rap for crimes committed by Two-Face (the brothers of light and shadow – Horus and Set, Parzival and Feirefiz).

The Spirit

In the opening scene of The Spirit, screening in Australia on the 29th January 2009, we hear from a shimmering blue Goddess: “I am death Danny Colt. You are the only man who has ever escaped my cold embrace. But I am never far away. Yes… I am always with you.” And again, later in the film, “You’re very close now, very, very close. You can’t fight me. You are mine.” Having recently watched the History Channel documentary on The Egyptian Book of the Dead, I got the picture. This being the second last film Nephthys v 1.0 and I would see together. I broke up with her on the 23rd of February.

At one point we hear a resurrected Danny Colt, aka The Spirit, describe his connection to Central City in what is essentially an expression of adoration unto Our Lady Nuit. “She provides for me. She protects me. She is my mother my City is. She’s a good mother. She always shows me the way.” Also of interest, the story’s villain, The Octopus, seeks the blood of Heracles, a mixture of God and human DNA and the key to immortality. Heracles, of course, is synonymous with Heru, or Horus. Finally, The Spirit has two significant others in the film. One, his childhood sweetheart (Ma’at v 1.0) whom he may or may not lose, and the other, a blonde nurse (Nephthys v 1.0).


Who watches the watchmen? A profoundly appropriate question given the above course of events. Flawed, volatile and ostracised superheroes, “in a credible, real world”, as Alan Moore, author of the graphic novel, put it. After several failed attempts at bringing the book to screen, the feature was finally made and released in Australia on the 5th of March 2009. Moore stated, “The whole thing with Watchmen has just been loads of these little bits of synchronicity popping up all over the place.” A prime example, artist Dave Gibbons found a photo of the Martian Galle crater resembling a happy face and worked this into the novel. “We found a lot of these things started to generate themselves as if by magic.” Also of consequence to us, the story begins on Crowleymas – the 12th of October, and Mars is the planet of Horus.

The Galle ‘Smiley Face’ Crater. Photo courtesy NASA

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

“You my friend, you probably think it’s some kind of scam don’t ya?” – Anton

“Well ain’t it?” – Tony

“Hahaha, no… Nah it’s not. I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t expect you to understand, no, not in a million years.” – Anton

“Right, so if ah, Doctor Parnassus can really control people’s minds, then why isn’t he ruling the world then? Hey? Why bother with this little ah… sideshow, act?” – Tony

“It’s not a sideshow. He, he don’t wanna rule the world. He wants the world to rule itself.” – Anton

Doctor Parnassus began playing in Australian cinemas on the 29th of October 2009. Having just portrayed a clown in The Dark Knight, and again in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Australian actor Heath Ledger died midway through filming. Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel and Jude Law (31) lending a hand to complete production. This talking picture deals with matters cognate to the Graal Romance Parzival. Namely, themes of the Spiritual Quest of Love, Redemption and Regeneration; and from my recollection it was around the time of the film’s release that the climate change debate became a little more complicated.

Winning a wager with the Devil over who could recruit twelve disciples first, on the one side, “the necessities of danger, fear, fabled bliss of ignorance.” And on the other, “the power of the imagination to transform and illuminate our lives.” The victorious Parnassus is awarded his prized immortality. Soon looking every day of his now 1000 years, times have changed, and no-one cares for the Doctor’s stories anymore. So when he falls in love, he chooses instead to jump off a precipice in despair and desperation at his predicament. Caught posthaste by the Devil, and granted mortality, youth and greater powers, the Doctor attains his heart’s desire. Lover in arm aboard a gondola featuring the figurehead of Anubis on the prow, Parnassus soon learns his love comes at a cost. As he witnesses the pollution, corruption, death and devastation of the temporarily idyllic world around him. “I was so in love, so in love, but at what price, but at what price, but at what price…” Although we’d broken up in February ’09, it was the last film that Nephthys v 1.0, or Kundry (Nephthys is consort to Set according to some accounts) and I would see together.

I see my scornful mockers wither:
Now look they for forgiveness hither?
Like blessed sweet dew a tear from thee too floweth?
Thou weepest – see! The landscape gloweth.

God is in the rain

Click here to view a graph from Melbourne Water’s website representing the amount of water flowing into Melbourne’s supply reservoirs over the past 100 years. Of relevance to us are the sixteen years from 1997 to 2012. Essential for life on Earth, water has long been affiliated with the feminine, the Goddess. This data speaks volumes when studied in conjunction with the below timeline.

1998 E.V. 22nd of February is a date of significance for two reasons. My first dose of LSD (yes I chose the red pill), and the commencement of the relationship between Virginia, or Ma’at v 1.0 and I. There is not one part of my life that wasn’t utterly obliterated by my pursuit of an ideal whose external manifestation took the form of my relationship with Ma’at (well, maybe in the end there was one drop left…). Family, friends, work, hopes, dreams and opportunities, each decimated one by one. Folks frown upon the courting of Babalon and its associated calamities. Arguably the year of commencement of this work, 1998 also sees a dramatic improvement upon the graph’s 1997 results.

2002 E.V. I met Nephthys v 1.0 and Isis v 1.0.

2003 E.V. Crossed The Abyss on the 25th of April.

2004 E.V. I began a relationship with Nephthys v 1.0 in November.

2006 E.V. For every Parzival there is a Kundry, and through my own weakness, so it came to pass that Nephthys v 1.0, friend and nurse of the dead, was now also my Kundry – siren and seducer from the Mysteries. The lowest result on the graph, 2006 sees Australia’s ongoing drought described as the worst in “1000 years”.

2007 E.V. Following a failed attempt at recovery the first window of opportunity to know Nu-Isis closed in June.

2009 E.V. I broke up with Nephthys v 1.0 on the 23rd of February. A beautiful girl and a brilliant relationship. Good for ‘me’ and my immediate sphere of activity, family, friends, health, etc. But not for the world at large – the Body of Nu.

2010 E.V. I became friends with mother and nature Goddess Isis v 2.0 around February and rain flow into the State’s catchments approaches the graph’s 100-year average. In conjunction with Isis v 2.0 and I taking up residence together Australia sees its wettest September, and then also its wettest Spring on record. Having paid the bond on the 27th of August my home State of Victoria receives a week’s worth of rain in one day on the 6th of September. Followed by our moving in on the 11th of September. Henceforth, proclamations in some regions that the worst drought in “1000 years” was over.

2010 E.V. / 2011 E.V. Due perhaps to a delay in proceedings with Isis v 2.0, it snowed in the Victorian Alps on the 18th – 19th of December. Subsequently, parts of the State were referred to as an “inland sea” with the wettest January on record and severe flooding in early 2011 while further dramatic flooding was witnessed as far north as Queensland.

2011 E.V. Following a concerted effort throughout the year, Isis v 2.0 and I finally took our relationship to the next level on the 31st of October/1st November – Samhain. 2011 is the first of the 16 years in our analysis with above average rainfall.

2012 E.V. This relationship also permitted the breakthrough on the 18th of February at the Temple of Isis, Philae – when at last he knoweth me. Along with a return to plentiful rainfall as July witnesses Melbourne water storages reach 70% for the first time since January 1998.

The “inland sea”. Floodwater surrounds the Victorian town of Kerang, 22nd January 2011. Photo used with permission of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales.


51. There are four gates to one palace; the floor of that palace is of silver and gold; lapis lazuli & jasper are there; and all rare scents; jasmine & rose, and the emblems of death. Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace. Will he not sink? Amn. Ho! warrior, if thy servant sink? But there are means and means. Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel; eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam! Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will! But always unto me.

52. If this be not aright; if ye confound the space-marks, saying: They are one; or saying, They are many; if the ritual be not ever unto me: then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit!

53. This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss. Also, o scribe and prophet, though thou be of the princes, it shall not assuage thee nor absolve thee. But ecstasy be thine and joy of earth: ever To me! To me!

Liber AL ch. I

Things are always clearer in retrospect. While it could be said, I’d seen and not believed, and was aware of a potential relationship between this work and the devastating drought, I only had access to one-half of the equation. Not an easy thing to digest my friends. It wasn’t until getting myself out of the way and trusting in the Goddess that True Confirmation and Realisation of this Promise could be delivered. Upon success came gnosis that the Universe is alive with Light and Love; The All-Mother desires the very best for her Children. I am certainly not proud of the failed opportunity in ’07. Yet I’m unable to regret it at this stage as we still have the very real potential to realise the Promise of Regeneration, and due to the above, evidence of its efficacy. Of vital importance, the fluctuations in the graph corresponding to this work corroborate a miraculously viable pathway to healing afforded by devotion to the Goddess Nu and the formula of love under will.

But to love me is better than all things… Liber AL ch. I, v. 61

Having spent several months working around the clock on Communion, v 3.0, and a balancing of the scales, I was very pleased to see the status of Victoria’s Catchments on July 23rd, 2012. As advised by Melbourne Water’s Manager of Water Supply – John Woodland:

“We’ve seen really heavy rain throughout June, a lot of which has fallen over the Thomson’s catchment. Coupled with the fact that catchments are already soaked from strong rainfall over the past 18 months, this means that most of the rain we’re getting is being converted into gains for our storages.”

“Long-term averages tell us that storages usually rise by 2% per month in winter, but this month we’ve already seen a gain of 5%.”

Flow into the State’s catchments over the previous month was 206% above average and rainfall 82% above average.


The most successful film of all time is received on the 17th of December 2009. My brother and I went to see it just weeks before my first overseas trip in early January 2010. Destination – South America, to participate in Journeys with the Amazonian brew Ayahuasca. A wheelchair-bound protagonist, Jake Sully, takes his brother’s place in the Avatar program in the hope of funding a costly procedure to walk again. Plugging his personality into the body and mind of an artificially manufactured human/Na’vi (Pandora native) hybrid, Jake is able to navigate and interact with the breathtakingly beautiful alien world, and communicate with its inhabitants. The screenplay could be interpreted as a thinly veiled metaphor for the current world situation and the use of this sacred medicine – ayahuasca; translated as ‘spirit vine’, or ‘vine of souls’. Think Eywa, and ‘Tree of Souls’ from the film. Ayahuasca and Avatar’s ‘Tree of Souls’ present, in essence, identical processes and potentials.

“Who’s Eywa? Only their deity! Their goddess, made up of all living things. Everything they know! You’d know this if you had any training whatsoever.”– Norm Spellman

From the purge facilitated by this experience ensued the meeting of Taryn Clarke, a woman I identified as embodying attributes of Isis. Taryn was signing up candidates to donate to a Heart (HELLO) Foundation Charity, outside my office (HELLO) and the city’s law (HELLO) courts. As it was Isis’ first day without anyone committing to donate, I offered her a job where I worked. Testament to the awe-inspiring healing properties of this medicine and the formula love under will, we soon moved in together and thus began conclusion of Australia’s worst drought in “1000 years”.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

12th of August 2010 beholds Scott Pilgrim on a quest to win the heart of Ramona Flowers. To emerge victorious he must first defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes. Analogous to Pilgrim’s travails, Isis v 2.0 had broken up with her (not so evil? It is essentially a question of context.) boyfriend on the 29th of July. Only to recommence the relationship months’ later at the end of October. Delaying proceedings considerably, it would not be until October 2011 that Isis v 2.0 and I would get things back on track.

The Last Airbender

On the 16th of September 2010, five days after moving in with Isis v 2.0, we witness The Avatar Aang’s rescue from a century trapped under ice. With a curious tattoo on his third eye, the Avatar is an elemental ‘bender’, a link to the realm of spirit who holds the world in balance through each incarnation. To fulfill his destiny, Aang must first learn to master the element water. A feat he failed to accomplish prior to his hibernation due to an insane bolt over the requisite the Avatar is not to have a family of his own.

Isis v 2.0 and I paid the bond for our new residence on the 27th of August, and my drought-stricken home State of Victoria saw a week’s worth of rain in one day on the 6th of September, just five days before we moved in. Continued heavy rainfall saw alleviation of drought conditions with water storages rising to 42.5% and the State Government easing water restrictions to Stage 2. At the same time in ’09 storage levels were at 28.8%.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Voldemort’s power has grown exponentially on the 18th of November, with control over both the Ministry of Magick and Hogwarts. While Harry, Ron and Hermione continue Dumbledore’s work and search for the remaining Horcruxes in order to defeat the Dark Lord.

“My wand and Potter’s share the same core. They are, in some ways, twins.” – Voldemort

Captain America: The First Avenger

I uploaded the Hocus Pocus painting on the 27th of November 2010. Eight months later I’d just started boxing when Captain America: The First Avenger began screening in Australian cinemas on the 28th of July. Along with obvious parallels between the film being set in World War II, Captain America’s shield and the swastika ‘hidden’ within the pentagram on Hocus Pocus, there are further connections to our story lying just beneath the surface. Firstly, it must be remembered that it’s a fortuitous encounter with some mysterious blue juice (psilocybin?) that sees Steve Rogers growth in size and strength, becoming The First Avenger. My life mirrors these circumstances; training for the Communion image determining a gain of over 20kgs of muscle mass. Moreover, the hero Captain America (Captain America, C A, A C, Aleister Crowley) is frozen in ice toward the end of the film. Only to be rediscovered and reawakened in the present day to continue his work. Living to see the defeat of Nazi Germany, Aleister Crowley died in 1947. After allegedly providing Churchill with the ‘V for Victory’ sign and playing a role in a British Intelligence plot to sink the Lusitania; precursor to the game-changing entrance of America into the conflict. Evidently, I am now continuing his work of promulgating the Law of Thelema – Light, Life, Love and Liberty (and Justice for all?).

The Great Beast’s comments to the journalist William Seabrook, regarding his 1918 Magickal Retirement on New York’s Esopus Island, where he painted Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, Every man and every woman is a star, on the island’s cliffside, point to a profoundly direct continuation between The Beast’s work and my own.

“My familiar spirit visited me during the night and commanded me to paint…I’ve been under the misapprehension that I was a great poet. I was clearly mistaken. Paint is my real medium and I am destined to become one of the outstanding Artists of my age…I am certain Aiwass has something important to express through paint, but he doesn’t know a thing about technique.”

Remarkably, during this Retirement Crowley also recalled details of various past lives. Eliphas Levi, Edward Kelly, Pope Alexander VI, a suicide, a Polish scholar, a monk – Father Ivan, a deformed Hermaphrodite, Mohammed, Adam Weishaupt, Christian Rosencruetz, and Ko Hsuen, disciple of Lao Tzu, being among those recollected. Crowley’s newfound interest in painting notwithstanding (where is the important piece/s?), potential validation of these claims is his (again tongue in cheek!) knowledge of future events. Which in light of details on this website proves a stunningly accurate forecast. Alternatively, perhaps the whole past life recollection was simply a humorous subterfuge to direct attention to the concept of past and future incarnations. Thereby flaunting a precognitive competency, while also blinding potential efforts toward artificial fulfilment. Those amongst you with more than a casual acquaintance with the works of The Beast might agree such a proposition would not be outside the scope of his humour.

Aleister Crowley practicing Yoga


Also of pertinence is the following diary entry, written just before painting his cliffside billboard. Crowley records the following vision:

“The meditation of this afternoon resulted in an initiation so stupendous that I dare not hint at its Word. It is the supreme secret of a Magus, and it is so awful that I tremble even now – two hours later and more…as I write concerning it. In a single instant I had the Key to the whole of the Chinese wisdom. In the light – momentary glimpse as it was – of this truth, all systems of religion and philosophy became absolutely puerile. Even the Law appears no more than a curious incident. I remain absolutely bewildered, blinded, knowing what blasting image lies in this shrine. It baffles me to understand how my brother Magi, knowing this, ever went on.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

After seven years at Hogwarts, Harry finally defeats Voldemort on the 13th of July 2011 by surrendering to the (ego) death of that aspect of The Dark Lord that lies within. Less than four months later Isis v 2.0 and I started our relationship.

“Professor. Is this all real? Or is it just happening inside my head?” – Harry

“Of course it’s happening inside your head Harry. Why should that mean, that it’s not real?”– Dumbledore

The Green Lantern

April 2011 witnessed inception of Communion, Consecration of the canvas coming a few months later at the end of July, followed by Green Lantern showing on the 4th of August, and lift-off, or painting, on the 14th. There are many exceptional points of resonation between this motion picture, the Thelemic Current, that evening in April 2003, and the willed effects upon the world of manifestation surrounding the works on this website. As evidenced by the Black Rock – Half Moon Bay photo above, the setting of my Initiation is congruous to the crash site of Abin Sur; and as can be seen below, both even feature a shipwreck in the background! Hal Jordan also attempts to “disown the implications and ramifications” of being chosen to wear the ring; Green Lantern airing on the silver screen just months after I resolved to get back on the program.

Shipwrecked HMVS Cerberus – Black Rock, Victoria

One of Crowley’s most quotable quotes, Fear is failure, and the forerunner of failure. Along with the Thelemic precept, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Are both fundamental themes in this sci-fi superhero adventure. Also noteworthy, the colour of will in the film is green. Agape, Greek for love, (think heart chakra – green) and Thelema, Greek for will, being an equivalent 93 by gematria – Love is the law, love under will. While the story’s villain, Parallax, wields the (lower chakra) yellow coloured power of fear. Keeping in mind the importance of reversion in the Thelemic system, i.e. the Sacred Key to Liber AL = 31 and 13. Discerning minds familiar with the writings of Kenneth Grant and Charles Stansfield Jones may notice Hal wakes up at 7.52am, 752 = 257 i.e. manifestation, maion = 257. And Thelemites shouldn’t fail to register Jordan’s assignment to sector 2814 of the 3600 regions of the Green Lantern Universe. 2814, 4 1 8 2, 418 = Communion, The Great Work Accomplished.

Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen. Liber AL, ch. I, v. 46

Another meaningful connection is the resemblance between Crowley’s 1918 drawing of the ‘grey’ Lam, circa The Amalantrah Working, and the film’s extraterrestrial race, the Guardians of Oans, or Guardians of the Universe. Completely unfamiliar with the Green Lantern Universe before watching this movie, the icing on the cake came at the closing credits with the apropos paint splashed cosmic clouds…

Lam – He Who Goeth – 71


My observation of the Universe convinces me that there are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality than anything we can conceive of as human; that they are not necessarily based on the cerebral and nervous structures that we know, and that the one and only chance for mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make contact with such Beings.
Magick Without Tears, Aleister Crowley

In Time

27th of October 2011, in a Brave New World where the population are implanted with luminous green clocks on their arms, protagonist Will follows in his father’s footsteps; taking back time from the ruling class. The clocks are set to countdown to zero, at which point one is ‘timed out’. However, credits and extra time can be won, bought or earned through work. While the elite enjoy perpetual youth at the age of 25, the rest of humanity are in a constant struggle just to survive. Four days after release Isis v 2.0 and I took the next step in our relationship. In Time for Samhain, Festival of the Dead, Opening of the Door to the Otherworld. And for the astrologically minded, just after my Saturn Return, spanning the 10th to 27th of October. Also of relevance, Will’s full name is Will Salas. His first name, unmistakably equivalent to Thelema while his last name conceals the Key to Liber AL – ALA or 131. ALA surrounded by two S’s could be interpreted as being representative of Crowley’s Order of the Silver Star, the S∴S∴ or A∴A∴, Argentum Astrum – The Great White Brotherhood.


For the Road to Ecstasy is one above thought, and when Ecstasy returns it is as a Grace rather than as the result of our conscious efforts. Yet it is the reward of our “wanderings” if our Aspiration has been kept perfectly pure meanwhile.
The Chalice of Ecstasy, Frater Achad.

The Lorax

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

Less than one week after my Pilgrimage to New York City, 29th of March 2012, visits young and idealistic Thneedville resident Ted. On a mission to find a real tree (Communion – the trees of Eternity) for Audrey, the girl of his dreams. As Thneedville is constructed entirely of synthetic materials, oxygen has now become a marketable commodity, thus prompting Audrey’s wish to see a real tree. Ted’s quest leads him to the Once-ler who lives in the wastelands outside the city walls. The Once-ler tells Ted how he broke his promise to the guardian of the forest, The Lorax. Cutting down all but the last of the native Truffula Tree’s to make his Thneeds, an invention that brought him much wealth and success. As the last tree falls, the Once-ler finally realises the error of his ways. Too little too late, The Lorax disappears, floating to the sky. But not before leaving a stone with the word ‘Unless’ inscribed. With no more trees and no more Thneeds, the Once-ler, now a recluse, offers Ted the last Truffula Tree seed in the hope that he “cares a whole awful lot”. Ted’s mission has now grown exponentially. In addition to his desire to win the heart of Audrey, he must also successfully plant a seed that will remind the Thneedvilliean’s of the Beauty of Nature.

The Avengers

While actively illustrating Communion, The Avengers is released on April 25th, 2012. My re-birthday, date of admittance into Crowley’s A∴A∴, and confirmation of identification with a continuance of his work. We find a thawed and resurrected Steve Rogers, alive and well in the present day. Heading to New York City to fulfill his role as Avenger, just two months after my own visit to The Big Apple. Aside from the 11th of April premiere in Hollywood, Australia was the first country in the world to see the film, more than a week ahead of audiences in the U.S. – Happy Re-Birthday!

Dark Shadows

Strange is relative on the 10th of May 2012. When Barnabas Collins breaks the heart of the (blonde) witch Angelique Bouchard (Nephthys v 1.0), she in turn hypnotises his lover Josette (Ma’at v 1.0), inducing her to jump off a cliff. Not to be outdone, Angelique then turns Barnabas into a vampire and buries him alive. Cursed and entombed for two (years?) centuries Barnabas is re-awakened by construction workers in the year 1972. Reminiscent of the McDonald’s opposite the Blackburn house in which Isis v 2.0 and I resided, upon resurrection Barnabas exclaims “Mephistopheles”, as one of the first things he lays eyes on is the golden arches.

Just before Barnabas’ return to his Manor, Collinwood, the beautiful Victoria Winters (Rose – Maat) of New York, bearing a fascinating resemblance to Barnabas’ lost love Josette, arrives to look after the young David Collins. We soon learn that Victoria was drawn to Collinwood, as she was visited by the ghost of Josette as a child and feels like she has known Barnabas forever. In the two-century-long absence of Barnabas, an enraged Angelique has also acted out her revenge on the Collins family and their fishing business, and so Barnabas strives to break the curse and restore the health, prosperity and integrity of his family.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Conjunct with the film Brave on the 21st of June, we see a red rose in the opening scenes of this movie. Australian actor Chris Hemsworth plays the Huntsman, sent to bring Snow White back from the Dark Forest and into the hands of the evil Queen Ravenna, who seeks immortality by devouring Snow White’s heart. As the plot unfolds, we learn Snow White is ‘the chosen one’ and has the ability to regenerate the Kingdom; presently barren and withered since her Father’s throne was usurped by Ravenna.

This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss… Liber AL ch. I, v. 53

In a twist on the original tale, it is the Huntsman and not a Prince who gives Snow White the ‘kiss of consciousness’ as she lies comatose after eating the poisoned apple. Even so, the structure of the story remains fundamentally identical to the Universal Formula of Tetragrammaton. Whereby the Glory of the All-Father (Osiris), is restored through the Son (Horus), raising the Daughter (Maat), to the position of the Mother (Isis). Upon awakening Snow White rallies the Dukes Army to battle, kills the Queen, and is herself crowned – the Kingdom revivified.


The Amazing Spiderman

Yet another production in harmony with events at A mere ten years on and the powers that be decided it was a good time to re-do the Spiderman origin story with a new love interest (Gwen Stacy) on the 4th of July 2012. In 2002, the year of the original Spiderman film, I met Isis v 1.0 whose middle name is Marie, and Nephthys v 1.0 whose middle name is Jane, i.e. Peter Parker’s girlfriend Mary Jane. This time around the Green (heart chakra) Goblin, is replaced by a new villain, a giant Lizard; even referred to as a dinosaur at one point! Numerous scenes mirror exactly the details of my Pilgrimage to New York City, a standout moment taking place on a rooftop where Parker tries to tell Gwen, “I’m Spiderman”. Or in other words, communicate all this crazy. In the end, he simply shoots a web at the unsuspecting Gwen. The movie sees Peter Parker play both a Hermit and a Lover, and I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to draw a connection between the star in Communion and a spider’s web.

The Dark Knight Rises

Suggestive of Immortal, The Last Airbender and Captain America, the first scene in this film released on the 19th of July is of ice. In The Dark Knight Rises Gotham has declared Batman an enemy. We soon find a ‘cursed’ Bruce Wayne has seen better days, as he’s now a recluse requiring the aid of a brace for his ailing left knee. During construction of content for this site and the Communion painting I too injured my left knee, wearing down the bursae while jogging on the 29th of April. Resulting in a severe limp that lasted over six weeks and the use of a knee brace. Seated in the cinema, my knee was still not quite right. Batman’s eight-year absence in the chronology of the trilogy also matches the eight years between aforementioned Venus Transits and opportunities to know Nuit. At one point, we even see Bruce Wayne thrown into ‘Hell on Earth’, a jail from where he must escape if he is to save Gotham. On several occasions while staring into Rose’ eyes in Egypt I saw her face morph into a cat or lioness. Perhaps a manifestation of the triad that includes Sekhmet, Bast and Hathor. Perhaps just flashbacks. Although Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Bruce Wayne do present a similar dynamic to the real world relationship between Rose and I. Evocative of the Communion piece, conclusion of the film sees Batman fly over the Bay (Abyss) with a nuclear (atom) device.

Acknowledgement must also be made to the parallels between the unexpected arrival of Nephthys v 2.0, Wayne Enterprises board member and lover of Bruce Wayne, Miranda Tate, along with Angelique Bouchard from Dark Shadows. As discussed in The Going Forth By Day Commentary, I returned from Egypt and landed a full-time job almost straight away. Prior to my arrival in the office, three girls had just commenced employment with the company. In need of a new residence, I promptly took up an invitation to move into their place as they were moving out. Certainly not something I was looking for, it was ‘The Way’, so to speak, (Evidently if one is to choose no-thing, one must first have a some-thing to negate.) soon after I began a relationship with Georgie Gerraty; one of the three girls who just so happens to resonate the Goddess Nephthys par excellence.

Initially bonding over the book, ‘Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk’, many telling attributes began to present themselves. Amongst them is Nephthys v 2.0′s penchant for all things floral. From clothing, bedspreads, paintings, lighting and a handmade crown of flowers, to the more pronounced and direct variety in a vase. And without so much as a passing interest in the Egyptian Pantheon Georgie even calls me “Bubba”. Nephthys, friend and nurse of the dead and/or Horus the child. As if that wasn’t enough, the only career path Georgie ever seriously considered was becoming a nurse or midwife! Reckoning Miranda Tate, as time came to pass Nephthys v 2.0 even scored a promotion to oversee affairs in the office while I was absent or on leave. These circumstances being of particular interest to our discussion due to the fact that both Miranda and Angelique work with/are in the same industry as the protagonists in The Dark Knight Rises and Dark Shadows respectively.

Another oddity in the film is the taking over of the Gotham City Stock Exchange (NYSE) by Terrorists. Christian Bale had this to say, “We were shooting in November and Occupy Wall Street was happening two blocks away. It was uncanny that one of the themes of the movie had actually come to happen in society.” Finally, while I see no parallels between the circumstances of the tragic cinema shooting in Aurora and the content of The Dark Knight Rises, there is one peculiarly spooky synchronicity worth mentioning. The trailer for Gangster Squad, played before The Dark Knight Rises in many cinemas, featured a gang of mobsters shooting into a movie theatre from behind the scenes. The scene was swiftly reshot.

Ruby Sparks

Ruby ‘Sex Magick practitioner’s in-joke title’ Sparks cometh on the 20th of September. Although this doesn’t exactly fit with our superhero meme, the protagonist CALvin must overcome some appreciable hurdles in his quest for love. Presenting an alternate viewpoint on the dynamic between Rose and I, this rom-com remains intriguingly relevant to our narrative. Was it just me or was Calvin super annoying? Let’s just say awareness of the apparent potential between Rose and I might have prompted my going a little OCD typing emails.

Reflective of the curious circumstances surrounding The Going Forth By Day series and subsequent events in Egypt, we see Calvin dream of Ruby Sparks, his dream girl. He then begins writing about Miss Sparks, a welcome development that cures his writer’s block. Much to Calvin’s surprise Ruby soon manifests in the real world.

“This is the true and impossible story of my very great love. In the hope that she will not read this and reproach me, I have withheld many telling details: her name, the particulars of her birth and upbringing, and any identifying scars or birthmarks. All the same, I cannot help but write this for her, to tell her “I’m sorry for every word I wrote to change you, I’m sorry for so many things. I couldn’t see you when you were here and, now that you’re gone, I see you everywhere.” One may read this and think it’s magic, but falling in love is an act of magic, so is writing. It was once said of Catcher In The Rye, “That rare miracle of fiction has again come to pass: a human being has been created out of ink, paper and the imagination.” I am no J.D. Salinger, but I have witnessed a rare miracle. Any writer can attest: in the luckiest, happiest state, the words are not coming from you, but through you. She came to me wholly herself, I was just lucky enough to be there to catch her.” – Calvin

Oz The Great and Powerful

Which witch is which? An inquiry beautifully cognizant of my own difficulties in ascertaining exactly which aspects of the Goddess the girls from my initial experiment resonated. The tale of Oz’s Initiation into the world of wizardry features a tornado, a magickal land (Oz!), an Emerald City, and three witches; need I say more? Showing in cinemas as I was putting the finishing touches on Communion, somewhere over the rainbow on the 7th of March 2013.

Fear not, o prophet, when these words are said, thou shalt not be sorry. Thou art emphatically my chosen; and blessed are the eyes that thou shalt look upon with gladness. But I will hide thee in a mask of sorrow: they that see thee shall fear thou art fallen: but I lift thee up. Liber AL, ch. II, v. 53

If I may ask your belief of anything, believe this, I get it, I know what you just read, Captain Anomalous understands how outrageous this trail of observations is. Ye, I could have easily invoked more (for example, parallel to working on v 3.0, legends unite in Rise of the Guardians when Jack (Josh) Frost (Iceton) is chosen to become a Guardian after sacrificing himself to save his sister (Maat) from some precariously thin ice; or upon embarking on composition for Communion in April 2011 the warrior god Thor crosses a rainbow bridge/visible spectrum of colour, thereby facilitating inter-dimensional travel; 2008’s Incredible Hulk sees Bruce Banner journey to Brazil in an effort to manage his alter-ego; Ryan Reynolds’ character in The Nines and I both have “no belly button”; Sin City’s stories of service to the Goddess are released the same year as The Lover canvas; in 2002 ‘troubled’ teenage superhero Donnie Darko gives up his own life for his girlfriend’s, playing with time travel and a ‘tornado’ on God’s channel; and in 1998 Dark City’s John Murdoch, who may or may not have just met his wife for the first time, discovers a unique trick with his third eye. “Listen to me, John. You have their power. You can make things happen by will alone. They call it ‘tuning’.) but alas, I’m endeavouring to keep this on target, concise and readable.

Seemingly yelling for my attention, the whole superhero/movie thing started with the flashing neon of The Matrix Trilogy followed by Finding Nemo. I guess it kind of snowballed from there. A surreal yet consistent evidence of truth and foresight can be found in the above considerations. These synchronicities are not minor elements in these films, by and large they are core aspects of each story. Indeed, much more space could have been dedicated to discussing the often astoundingly accurate and revelatory nature of peripheral details attributable to family, friends and acquaintances. Furthermore, convergent to my own struggles, there is a gradual shift to the theme of the ‘wounded hero’, followed by a persistent focus on the matter throughout ’07 and ‘08. This is supplanted by highly apt trends of corruptibility, endurance, resurrection, transformation and regeneration throughout ’08 and ’09.

In light of the above, some profound questions regarding the relationship between consciousness, the imagination, the creation of art and manifestation are raised. Presenting a reality that is inter-connected and malleable to a degree not yet realised, whereby our EVERY THOUGHT and EVERY ACT are of crucial effect and importance to the collective. It would have been far easier (and less embarrassing!) to adhere to a strictly magicko-spiritual branding on this site. Remaining silent on these highly strange parallels, maintaining a comforting divide between the world of make believe and manifestation. Like I said in the beginning, “I have tried in various ways to disown the implications and ramifications of this energy”. For what it’s worth, I really didn’t want to bring all this up. However, that didn’t seem to be working out too well.

Still, I can’t help but wonder, are we that far divorced from spirit that evidence of its manifestation is perceived as crazy? I presume that’s what they’ll say; that, or it’ll be labelled highly egocentric. Besides, apparently you’ve ‘lost the plot’ when you’re crazy, and ‘God’ is everywhere right? At any rate, the infinite is one of the attributes of God, by definition transcending reason. Certainly the rationalists could deduce that in a world crazily out of balance (we can agree on that much can’t we?) any trace of a means of transcendence would by default appear crazy. The more potent the remedy, the ‘crazier’ it’s appearance. And yet it’s not my intent in sharing these observations to shun rationalism and return to the blindness of the past. Instead, I hope to expand the horizons of possibility and show the limitations in the current paradigm of rationalism for rationalism’s sake. Looking around, the stats indicate we require an anomaly if we are to transcend our situation. Hopefully, this work helps.

If one were a shallow rationalist, it would be quite easy to pick holes in all these attributions and semi-philosophical hypotheses, or near-hypotheses; but it is also quite simple to prove by mathematics that it is impossible to hit a golf ball.
The Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley

Any man who studies the circumstances with intelligence will be forced to the hypothesis as to the nature of AIWAZ which I myself entertain. It is true that this hypothesis involves difficulties of its own; it implies a magickal theory of the universe altogether incompatible with materialism. One might call it an Arabian Nights theory. But one must dismiss one’s prejudice from the start. This theory, however antecedently absurd, is constantly bearing fruit of new facts and discoveries. This after all is what science requires. I have already given a number of other instances where fresh facts confirm the old. For myself in particular the ultimate fact is that I have been able to govern my life quite satisfactorily year after year on the basis of this theory. My life, when interpreted by it, is intelligible, and when guided by it, successful. Whenever I do anything reasonable I come a cropper, and if I were to attempt to explain the events of my career in any other way, I should be confronted by a piled chaos of utterly unintelligible absurdities.
Confessions of Aleister Crowley: An Autohagiography, Aleister Crowley


The Dreamtime

Among the Achuar no one dreams for the individual. They dream for the collective. It’s only in sharing the content that they get the full picture of what a dream means. And so their dreams are interpreted as a group. Marilyn Schlitz

Where exactly is it that dreams and ideas come from? Undoubtedly many are recycled remnants of our day to day experiences, but certain other insights, ideas and impressions are not so easy to explain. The postulate as above, so below, is another way of saying the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm. Implying contact with intelligences ‘outside’ of this realm simply requires a suitably attuned ‘internal’ antenna (Sorry SETI, NASA). Mystics, magickians and shamans have long prescribed experiments in meditation, mantra, ritual, drumming, dance, sex, and sensory deprivation, along with the use of entheogens, to adjust their antenna. Thereby gaining access to data outside the limited scope of our standard operating programs. Historically, this data has facilitated evolutionary changes in consciousness and the understanding of our place in the Universe.

Potent effects of chemically inspired data reception and changes in thought processes in recent times were witnessed by the likes of Steve Jobs. Who has transformed the world in ways as yet unfathomable and who claimed experimenting with LSD was “one of the two or three most important things (he had) done in (his) life.” While Francis Crick, discoverer of the double helix structure of DNA, allegedly claimed a source of his inspiration to be a dose of LSD and a spiral staircase. Another example, an employee of Cisco Systems, who solved some of his most complex problems while on LSD explained: “It must be changing something about the internal communication in my brain. Whatever my inner process is that lets me solve problems, it works differently, or maybe different parts of my brain are used….it takes me to another world and into another brain state where I’ve stopped thinking and started knowing.”

Years ago we might have attributed the genesis of works of art to the inspir(i)ation of Spirits or Gods. As Crowley pointed out, God (and Spirit) names are literally the titles given to Forces of Nature, their formula of activity spelled out. Exchanging the words spirit and inspiration for modern terms like quanta and physics, with their extant plethora of possibilities, we find ourselves with updated labels and potential mechanics for occult processes of information reception, activation and delivery in the material world. Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance”, now referred to as quantum non-locality, whereby we witness connections between events that apparently emerge from outside of space-time, could be considered descriptive of the anomalies attendant to one who has Crossed The Abyss. Returned to The Source, experiencing Singularity or The Eternal Nature of Existence – wherein Space and Time become One.

In the same vein, today we are familiar with reports of patents being submitted simultaneously and independently of each other in distant locations of the World, for the same breakthrough, design or invention. A telling example discernible amongst parallels between manifestation of the Communion image and discovery of the ‘God particle’. Advocating a common point of origin from which these ideas are generated, a flow informing our Imagination or Consciousness. A new physics? True Will being in harmony with the momentum of the Universe, here we see the volume turned up, and synchronicity becomes certainty as we find a consistently stronger occurrence of this phenomenon. The Universe is unfolding in a particular order through time and space. It is our place within this order and the direction of its flow that we have ascertained when we speak of True Will. Equivalent to the path of maximum velocity or highest frequency – the assimilation of all force with the Ultimate Light.

God’s channel… Donny Darko

As for the medium: Why art? Why these particular pieces of art? What do they have in common? What is their message?

Thou canst create nothing that is not God. The creation of something from nothing replicates the first cause. A fractal reflected in the Eye of the same, telling a story about the nature and condition of consciousness, a message from God(s) if you will. As an external representation of our relationship to the God within, Art is a tool for the manifestation of imagination, a mirror for both the subconscious and our aspirations – thereby the reason for the medium. If the immaterial/spiritual/extra-terrestrial, sort communication with and influence upon the material world, what better means than directly via (our notoriously difficult to define) consciousness itself. Our creative will, our innovations, our art? Nothing can be explained in terms of itself. Hence, our inability to define consciousness. Yet, communications and data from a greater plane of awareness can facilitate a more proficient understanding of our situation. We all know a picture tells a thousand words, regardless of language. While this is not the place for a complete synopsis of these films in relation to the Twin Currents of Horus 93 – Maat 696, my life and the works on this website, the overall message is readily ascertained by meditating on these images and watching the above screenplays.

The aim of Initiation is to become something more than human, to awaken our latent Genius, Godhead and birth-right. The common denominator in the preceding dramatisations is that they’re all based on relatively normal characters becoming something more, becoming a hero. This being the Aeon of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child, and our word ‘hero’ originating from the Egyptian Heru, meaning Horus, surely we are on the right path for our answer; these works being (ritualised) projections of the Hero, or Horus, in modern times. It’s been said elsewhere the superheroes of comic books and silver screens represent our new mythology. The self-evident popularity and success of these ventures designates their transcendental message a treasure highly prized and sought-after. The Great Beast sure had his finger on the pulse huh.

Remarkably, it is not in celluloid alone that these dreams are manifesting. As Dreamtime Nus and my Commentary on The Egyptian Book of Going Forth By Day testify, the artwork on this website has also performed a compelling dance with the material world – a noetic wet dream. Admittedly, not yet an exact science, when playing with the archetypes (Atziluth, or The Archetypal World, is the closest to God of the Four Qabalistic Worlds and the realm of Pure Deity.) a dream logic is often a more appropriate method of assimilating information. Even so, there remain many striking and exact examples of relationships between what are conventionally considered disparate phenomena. When taken collectively, coincidence is not nearly an adequate explanation.

Yesterday they called it coincidence; today it’s synchronicity but tomorrow they’ll call it skill. Angel Tech, Antero Alli

Since returning from The Source, or achieving Hadit while yet living, my life has become an anomaly, paradoxically demonstrative of the Chaos Theory referred to as the Butterfly Effect. As the Element Air represents mind, hurricanes have a significant relationship to the works on this website, and butterflies are caterpillars transformed, the premise that the formation of a hurricane could be dependent upon whether or not a butterfly had flapped its wings weeks before is a distinctly appropriate analogy. As Soror Nema writes in Outside the Circles of Time: “This Eye will perceive the Net; perception leads inevitably to union. In uniting with the Net they shall unite with each other, and Man shall achieve godhood as a race…” It would be nice.

Truth be told, we are blessed to be born into times such as these. Aware the Sacred Texts of the World’s Mystery Traditions were available like no other time in history, my foolish naivety resolved to seek genuine Spiritual Enlightenment. Believing it to be a task easily accomplished. I was not wrong. Once I found the writings of Aleister Crowley and started experimenting with some of his techniques it was only a matter of months before I was hurled across The Abyss. Experiencing what is regarded as the Highest of Visions, and that by the age of 21! This, along with the fact Liber AL has proved its providence over and over again, is why I still bang on about Thelema and Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, after all these years. For me, it has been the pathway to unimaginable joys and The Source direct – in record time.

The first Crowley title I purchased was his Magnum Opus Magick Book 4. After ploughing through that with an odd feeling I’d gotten away with something, I soon bought Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn Audio CDs. With the story of Eden, the Serpent, and The Fall firmly ingrained, I recall my initial experiments with the Fire Snake on the Relaxation and Awareness CD, and how I was apprehensive what I was doing was somehow Satanic. In retrospect, another way of phrasing this is that a belief system had such a hold over me that I believed I didn’t have license to control my own vessel. Or better still, a belief system had taken ownership of my vessel, and in practicing these exercises I was, in fact, breaking free of this and reclaiming accountability for my going.

Next I began practicing the Ceremonial CD featuring the Qabalistic Cross. Adhering to Regardie’s invaluable audio queues, the aspirant rises on the planes of the Tree of Life by astrally expanding their body of light out into the Universe until the world is a but tiny ball beneath their feet. Eventually, one is directed to detect a light (Kether, Singularity) far out in the Universe and to imagine this light descending just above the head. You’re then instructed to reach out and place this Light on your forehead, chanting the word Ateh, meaning Unto Thee. Next, touch the breast chanting MalkuthThe Kingdom. Followed by the right shoulder and ve-Geburah, meaning and the Power, and next the left shoulder with ve-Gedulah, and the Glory. Completing the process, one is to clasp their hands upon their breast and say le-Olahm, Amen, meaning to the Ages, AmenI can’t help thinking these exercises played a pivotal role in my Crossing The Abyss. (For those interested in this line of work it would be remiss of me not to address another component widely considered vital to success. That is The Oath. Not to be taken lightly, things get real once you swear The Oath, my friends, and there is no turning back. It’s All or Nothing, or should that be, All, then Nothing? Perhaps also relevant, I swore my Oath on Good Friday 2003.)

A key factor behind the functionality of Magick is that it works on the principle of like equals like. Taking advantage of what is known as quantum non-locality in modern parlance. With our contemporary comprehension of the vastness of the Universe in mind, it is a somewhat confounding proposition that our apparently limited human apparatus is capable of Union with what to all intents and purposes appears to be The Source of all Creation. And yet, aided by observation, measurement and analysis, the flip-side to this is that we have the capacity to imagine, conceptualise and thereby connect with the origins of the Universe within our microcosm. Significantly, science, mysticism and experience are in agreement on the particulars. Unity uttermost showed! Shy of providing a direct experience of The Source face to face, this website aims to present clear emanations of that light in extension. It is hoped through recognition of this frequency patterns may be recognised, and the conditions of success might then be reverse engineered in your own life. What is the aim of the pursuit of religion and science if not attainment of an order amongst the apparent uncertainty and chaos in which we find ourselves? A re-membering.

In the least we find in this work evidence of an Intelligence, of an ‘Other’ sharing this space and co-writing the script with us. Life imitating art and art imitating life, a blurring of the lines between the dream world and wake worlds suggests to me a dialogue. Proving its worth, this ‘Other’ has pre-empted the discussion on some of the most momentous and life changing events in recent times. September 11, the 7/7 Bombings, the Global Financial Crisis, climate change, and discovery of a Higgs particle to name just a few. With this in mind, how can we write off the focus on the transformative potential of the (Super) Hero within? The path illustrated in the sequence of Going Forth By Day images presents a new look at an age-old process of metamorphosis. An activation of the evolutionary will to change and adaptation, the mutant. The story of E.V. manifested in the outer and steps in the archetypal Going Forth By Day series have also come to lifeWhy should the realisation of the Global Dream of Communion be any different?

A bi-product of singularity, synchronicities abound from the perspective of this particular lens. But what does that mean? Beyond the commonly applied definition of ‘meaningful coincidence’ what is synchronicity? Mirroring the Four Fundamental Interactions of Forces, reality as we presently perceive it comprises three dimensions of space and one of time, 31. Joining dots that transcend the space-time continuum, synchronicity is indicative of a field interpenetrating these four – the Body of Nu. To be synchronised is to be in harmony, flowing with the current rather than against it. To move with our inmost light and let love write the script. To witness a reunion of the separation of consciousness between the Ego and our Divine Nature – True Will. The Aeon of Horus commenced in the year 1904, and the concept of synchronicity was first realised by Jung in the 1920’s. Coincidence? Synchronicity?

In 1914, Sir James Frazer was knighted for his encyclopaedic tome The Golden Bough, which discusses the Magickal – Religious Traditions and Mythologies of Cultures worldwide. Those familiar with this work or the Graal Romance Parzival might appreciate the above correspondences, parallels and synchronous observations are not without precedent. Cultures the world over understood their pharaohs, kings, queens, shamans, medicine men, priests, etc., had an intimate relationship with and impact on the world around them; commonly referred to as divine kingship. Ancient Egyptian’s believed their pharaoh to be Horus incarnate, that the fertility of the people and the environment were directly affected by the sickness and health, wisdom or folly, courage and vitality of their pharaoh. As discussed above, God names are titles given to Forces of Nature – a universal force, energy, or physics, and as such, accessible to all. Is it any wonder with mainstream access to information once reserved for the elect, that we now observe an increase in synchronous relationships with the world around us, and that to such an extent that we’ve acquired a label for it? The law of Thelema declares EVERY MAN AND EVERY WOMAN IS A STAR. There is no middle man here. Royal and Divine. Our gift Infinite – an intimate relationship with and effect upon the Kosmos.

I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men. Liber AL, ch. III, v. 49

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

This degree of Connection to the ALL is our Birthright!

In my initial Statement, I cautioned of a world of crazy in relation to these paintings, judging by the news at the moment we have confirmation of the same. Yet optimistic I am, as here we also have evidence of how United we are, the Truly Holy Connection we share with the Universe, and a very real potential for positive change; the other reason I still bang on about Thelema! From comics and the arts, to hurricanes and Hollywood, comets, drones, World Wars and Global Financial Crisis, climate change, drought and rainfall, to cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs and prophetic riddles in a century old Magickal Book, we find evidence of Collective Cause and Effect, a connecting thread, coherency and a plan. An effective vision for love, healing and evolution. Proof that I’m not just selectively pinning the data to the map is the extensive evidence of prophecy regarding revolutionary events intimately associated with this work, along with its undeniably harmonious relationship to non-local phenomena. This potent combination is why I’m of the opinion that we really are onto something here, that this interpretation of the collective story has genuine, even vital validity.

Thelemites amongst you might very well ask why so many signs, prophecies and revelations (if that they be), some over 100 years old, should now come cascading through all of a sudden as here presented. Clearly, I’ve gone to considerable lengths to render an extensive list of verses from Liber AL vel Legis, The Heart of the Master and The Amalantrah Working as pertaining directly to events documented here at 3rdeyeart. At this juncture, an attempt at a collective verification of my interpretations as referenced from the second chapter of Liber AL itself may not be out of place:

61. There is a light before thine eyes, o prophet, a light undesired, most desirable. Isis v 1.0, Vanessa Marie Angus – my initial experiment. Isis v 2.0, Taryn Verrinder Clarke, ego-annihilation, verse number 61, No-thing. (Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen. Liber AL, ch. I, v. 46), Communion.

62. I am uplifted in thine heart; and the kisses of the stars rain hard upon thy body. Crossing The Abyss at Black Rock, as illustrated in the Communion image.

63. Thou art exhaust in the voluptuous fullness of the inspiration; the expiration is sweeter than death, more rapid and laughterful than a caress of Hell’s own worm. The past thirteen months spent working around the clock, as discussed in The Going Forth By Day Commentary, conjunct with events running parallel to the creation of Communion and v 3.0. Namely, manifestation in the outer of The Going Forth By Day series, the prophesied discovery of a Higgs particle, elucidation of The Amalantrah Working, and an undeniable continuation of high strangeness on the big screen.

64. Oh! thou art overcome: we are upon thee; our delight is all over thee: hail! hail: prophet of Nu! prophet of Had! prophet of Ra-Hoor-Khu! Now rejoice! now come in our splendour & rapture! Come in our passionate peace, & write sweet words for the Kings. Again, the past thirteen months spent working around the clock, along with the circumstances outlined above in relation to verse 63. An unveiling of the shrine. v 3.0 = sweet words for the Kings, time will tell…

The Force in action that’s brought all these anomalies to light and without which they would be just another bunch of disconnected and often bewildering events is the 93 Current; Love and Will, Agape and Thelema – 93. Two sides of the one coin, the one Force. Will relating to the first cause, birth, direction, aim, motion, extension and expansion from a position in time and space. Love synonymous with surrender, absorption, penetration, ego-death, matter, and union in time and space.

28. None, breathed the light, faint & færy, of the stars, and two.

29. For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union.

Liber AL, ch. I

Acts of love under will provide a means of transcending ourselves and the space-time continuum. Through love and devotion to the Goddess Nu – Infinite Space, and the Infinite Stars thereof, in essence the vow of the Bodhisattva, a commitment to the best of all possible worlds, we are promised: This shall regenerate the world, the little world my sister, my heart & my tongue, unto whom I send this kiss. When we Dream True and in harmony with The All-Mother, embrace the possibility of the Infinite in our Life, realise the supra-rational patterns of Divine Law and the Archetypes, expand our vocabulary, intelligence, experience and awareness, we multiply dimensions of consciousness and connect fantastic and intricate geometries. Forming a Net we transcend the rational and manifest the miraculous. The mechanics of Magick – Life!

No doubt we have covered some rather exceptional territory and are dreaming BIG here at 3rdeyeart. Along with the various trials and tribulations recorded and lessons learned, there stand palpable successes, we now have a rather encouraging collection of data. If the flow continues then perhaps together, we’ll see the further realisation of age-old promises and dreams. Verily, the Aeon is young, and we have on our hands an experiment that is most definitely worth continuing.

To those who’ve been brave and/or bored enough to make it to this point in my story I wish to extend my sincere thanks. Hopefully, these observations have helped kindle the flame of infinite potential and connection in your own heart. This Current that flows through our consciousness is part of the narration we all share. As one of the intentions of the Communion piece was a balancing of the forces evoked in the E.V. canvas, it was encouraging to see the Occupy Movement begin one month after painting commenced. Apparently the 99% are filled with discontent and yet lack a uniting vision. As Crowley realised in 1916 at Lake Pasquaney, “I perceived also that each star was connected by a ray of light with each other star. In the world of ideas each thought possessed a necessary relation with each other thought; each such relation is of course a thought in itself; each such ray is itself a star.” It is my will for this work to afford a point of reference and thereby clarity regarding the potential of the dream we are evidently sharing here, that it might serve as a catalyst for the manifestation of that Vision in your own Life and hence the All.